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And the ComputerWeekly IT Blog winner is….

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A few weeks back, we asked our loyal readers to vote for us in the ComputerWeekly IT Blog awards. We were nominated in the IT Project Management category.

Now, aside from the fact that this is a PRODUCT Management blog and not a PROJECT Management blog, we were happy to be nominated and noted that a couple of other Product Management blogs were also in the running, including Cranky PM and All About Product Management.

So, we asked you for your votes, and some of you responded. Well the results are now in and I’m here to say, that after all the effort . . . . . drumroll please . . . . . we did not win.

Heck, we didn’t even come in second. That second place honour went to the Cranky PM. First place went to some crazy, off-topic UK based blog called A Girls Guide to Managing Projects. 🙂

So, I can see how the winner may have won the category…a blog actually on PROJECT Management, with good content and with the writer residing in the UK. Yes, the contest was specifically for the best UK IT blogs.

But, how did Cranky get second place? While well written and humourous, it’s a PRODUCT management blog, and it’s certainly not based in the UK! I think I know where Karl Rove’s electioneering machine has been spending it’s time recently, warming up for this fall’s US election.

So, congrats to the winners. But this experience has sparked an idea. It’s time to reward ourselves, and not rely on some derivative discipline to honour (yes spelled with a U) ourselves and the best we have to offer. If we don’t pat ourselves on the back, who will?

Stay tuned.

Saeed, Ethan, Alan

  1. Dr. Jim Anderson

    Oh man, just when I thought that there was nothing worse than not winning a competition here you go and don’t win a competition that you’re not really in the running for. Having just overdosed on Olympics viewing I guess the best analogy would be if Michale Phelps went for gold in the gymnastics competition – good athlete, wrong sport.

    You do make a good point that Product Managers don’t seem to be able to get any respect (or awards). Maybe we should make up our own? These things seem to require a name. How about the PiedMonts? PlyMoths?

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    Blue Elephant Consulting

  2. saeed


    We were amazed that we, along with other Product Management blogs were nominated. Also, we’re not in the UK so that made the nomination doubly confusing.

    I’m not lamenting the fact that we didn’t win. Didn’t expect to.

    But it is time for some of our own awards.

  3. Elizabeth

    There has been a bit of a discussion on the forums at http://www.theicpm.com (the international community of project managers) about how product and project management fit together. I don’t think we have come to any useful conclusions; if anything it’s just shown up how little product management is taken into account in the project lifecycle. So – sorry about that! In my future projects I shall always make sure that our application managers (as we call IT product managers in my world) are involved much earlier.
    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I hope to see some awards for product management blogs only soon!

  4. saeed


    Thanks for the comment and congratulations on winning. Well deserved.

    There is clearly a difference between IT Product Managers and ISV Product Managers. I’ve recently started tracking this blog: http://itproductmanagement.blogspot.com/

    All of us, Product Managers, Project Managers, IT Product Managers have some work cut out for us in ensuring others clearly understand what we do, why we do it, and how we provide value to the systems in which we function.


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