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ProductCamp Toronto — Date AND Location

ProductCamp Toronto is taking shape. The Wiki has a lot of updated information:

  • over 60 people have indicated they will attend
  • 40 proposed topics are listed
  • and best of all, we now have a firm date and venue

To keep it short and direct, ProductCamp Toronto will be held on Sunday November 2, at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

We’re looking for more participants, session ideas, volunteers and of course, sponsors.

Yes, we need sponsors!
This event is free for all participants, but we do need some help paying for the food, t-shirts (yes, you can get a t-shirt if you register early enough and tell us your t-shirt size), supplies etc. So, if you want to help foster a great product development culture in the city, and want to get some visibility for your organization, please help sponsor the event.

For sponsorship information, contact us at productcamptoronto at gmail dot com.


  1. saeed

    Yes, there is some irony in the name of that fine, fine institution.

    For those who are not from Toronto or don’t know who Ted Rogers is…..he’s kind of a Canadian version of Ted Turner. A really wealthy guy who started out a long time ago with a cable company — Rogers Cable — grew that, then moved into other areas such as ISP, Wireless, Video Rentals and I’m sure other things.

    Rogers’s companies, such as Roger’s Cable are known for their regular price increases. Most recently they gained infamy as the sole provider of the iPhone in Canada, and cell phone plans with monopolistic prices to boot!

    Ted Rogers “School of Management” — never thought of it that way before. Kind of like the Keanu Reeves School of Method Acting. Wo!


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