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When product demos go very wrong

By Saeed Khan

I had to share this with you. While more hardware than software, this video only goes to show you that it’s always important to rehearse your product demos so that no surprises occur, possibly impacting sales, or even worse, your own well being!

View the video before reading on….

Now what I honestly don’t understand is what happens AFTER the accident.

No one rushes to assist the person and see how seriously he’s hurt.

Almost 20 seconds elapses with the cameras rolling, and the demonstrator describing his injury, before another person appears on camera. And instead of attending to the injured man, he looks at the camera, and somewhat jokingly states that emergency surgery may be needed.

Talk about dedication to the sales process! And don’t think this is just a one time incident. Here are a couple of other bad demos caught live.


  1. Steve Willson


    Unfortunately I’ve seen so many software demos where the sales person was not able to properly demonstrate the application, or ran into a bug, crashed the program…you get the picture.

    Be prepared for any eventuality!

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