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6 Engineers, a CEO and a PM

In light of the recent posts on Bill Campbell (1, 2) and some of the comments debating when to hire a PM, I was pleased to read the following in Entrepreneur magazine, about the early days of a company called RingRevenue and why VC’s decided to invest in them.

“Part of our secret sauce is that we know how to cost-effectively acquire and manage large groups of phone numbers,” Spievak says. “We build platforms that allow affiliate networks to bring on higher-margin products like financial services, and track the calls that result from those ads. It’s a win for advertisers, affiliates and affiliate networks.”

The company was also running lean, which is always appealing to investors. “Here’s what I liked,” Suster says. “They were six engineers and a product manager and a CEO, and nothing else.”

The last line speaks volumes: a CEO *and* a Product Manager. Who knows what will happen in the future, but at least, they’ve started out the right way!


  1. Barry paquet

    Saeed, I recenlty blogged about PM, Start-ups and CEOs. My article explores “when” and “why” Founders/CEOs need to formalize product management and delegate product responsibility. Too lengthy to rehash here… Let me know what you think – thanks!


    Incidentally, in your most recent post, I noticed you are missing at least one product management blog 🙂

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