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Cdn. Blog Awards. We’re Finalists, Help Us Win!!

Thanks to all of you who voted, the FIRST ROUND of the Canadian Blog Awards.  We’re 1 of 5 finalists.

OK…actually, thanks to the 16 of you who voted and helped us barely squeak into the final round of the Best Professional Blog category in the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards!

Click the image to expand.

Come on folks, we need your support! We can’t let a basketball blog win this can we? No. So here’s all you have to do to give us a great little present for the holiday season. And it won’t cost you a penny!

But do it right away. Don’t delay. The Voting closes on Dec. 19th!

1. Click on the voting link ==>> here<<==

2. Select On Product Management as your #1 choice!

3. Click the Vote button.

4. Enjoy the good karma for the rest of the holiday season.


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