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Top 7 posts from the past year

The blog turned 3 earlier this month.  As a belated present, here are a few of the most popular posts from the past year.  A couple are personal favourites of mine, but most of them, based on their traffic, were favourites of yours! Enjoy.

1. What Origami can teach us about Product Requirements

Published on December 24th last year (yep, Christmas Eve), this post saw a huge spike in traffic in January, thanks to being Holy Kaw’d on Alltop and tweeted by Guy Kawasaki (and then retweeted by many others). My son (who is in grade 4) pointed me to the video embedded in the article, which inspired the article. They’d watched it in class as part of a math lesson. Wow!

2. Product Management Metrics

These posts, particularly parts 1 and 2, garnered a lot of traffic, even without the help of Mr. Kawasaki and his followers. Part 1 also had over 40 comments, with almost half coming from Roger Cauvin. 🙂 Clearly there’s a lot of interest in trying to define and use standard metrics to measure the contribution of Product Management. BTW, writing this reminds me that I still have to complete the series with part 3.

3. Bill Campbell says hire Product Management first!

This article is based on an interview Bill Campbell (chairman and former CEO of Intuit) gave at the Stanford AlwayOn conference last year. The title came from a tweet I’d seen earlier during the conference. Not surprisingly, this post got a lot of attention from readers and healthy discussion occurred in the comments.

4. Product Management in Pictures

This series was quite popular and garnered a lot of comments and retweets. The posts take a lighter look at things like meetings, requirements, presentations etc.  As in most humour, there is a foundation of truth in them that strikes a chord with a lot of people.

5. ProductCamp Austin was our Woodstock

After he attended and presented at ProductCamp Austin, Alan wrote this post about the potential for future events. I don’t know if the post struck a real chord 🙂 with people or it was simply all the references to artists like The Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Janis Joplin, CCR, the Stones etc. that brought SE traffic, but this post was quite popular over the early fall.

6. Guest Post: Measuring Product Management

Don Vendetti’s 3 part series added to the discussion from the Product Management Metrics series. Again, this topic saw a lot of comments from readers but thanks to Don’s research, provides a different perspective on the topic. Well worth reading.

7. (How) do you measure customer satisfaction?

Alan’s questions on measuring customer satisfaction drew a lot of responses from the readers.   Alan asked if people measure cust sat? What do they measure and how? The comments on the article make for a great read with lots of additional links provided for further information.

So there you have it. The top 7 posts (or sets of posts) from the past year.

Let us know what you think and if you have any other articles that you particularly liked.


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