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Worth Repeating: Innovation Lessons from Intuit’s Scott Cook

by Saeed Khan

I had a post a couple of weeks back entitled Product Management lies at the heart of Innovation. In it I discussed the differences between invention (i.e. creating something new) and innovation (i.e. creating something new that has value for people).

I originally posted this Scott Cook tak back in 2009, but it tied in so well with whole theme of Product Management and innovation that it was worth repeating. And who better than Intuit founder Scott Cook, to reinforces the theme.

One small caveat –  if you read/listen to the slides, he does seem to mix the terms invention and innovation. In this case, both of them equal innovation.

A lot of good lessons in 30 minutes.  One of my favourites lines from the presentation (slide 17):

Empathy is not just about walking in another’s shoes. First you must remove your own shoes.

NOTE: Turn your sound on, as audio is embedded in the slides.



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