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Computers aren’t always the answer

by Steve  Johnson

I was in Toronto on Saturday (August  4) for the Toronto Product Camp and noticed this when I checked out:

What a delightfully low-tech solution. Happy? Or not? Drop your room key to tell us.

For the hotel, just count the number of keys at the end of the day to know how you’re doing. How many Promoters? How many Neutral or Detractors? I don’t think they need to do a follow up survey or phone call. (But of course, they could, since my room number is probably coded on the key, so it’s not as anonymous as many might think.)

We encourage you to do surveys for the quantitative and interviews for the qualitative. But don’t miss low-tech opportunities to get a quick idea of how you’re doing.


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Reposted with permission. Originally posted on Primary Intel blog.

  1. Anne

    I also believe that they do not have to resort to doing these things just to get a feel of what their staff are doing. They also need to take note of feedback given to them by their customers instead of just sending prewritten replies / canned responses when their customers send them an email or video feedback.

  2. Russ Anderson

    Interesting idea, but unless you contact the customer, which I would hope they would do, there aren’t many specifics to go with. To me, seems like an effort to improve would be a shot in the dark with direct customer feedback.

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