This is your resource list. Help us make it the most complete list available. If you know of an association, organization or other resource for Product Managers, Product Marketers or anyone else developing products, let us know and we’ll add it to the page. The following is a list of resources:


Ebooks & Publications

  1. Don’t just roll the dice – Neil Davidson on product pricing
  2. Effective Product Managers know their Market – Steve Johnson, Barbara Nelson
  3. Fixed to Flexible – Lessons on pricing by Todd Sattersten
  4. Innovation and the Future of e-Books – John W. Warren
  5. Is your product launch doomed? – Dave Daniels
  6. Living in an Agile World – Steve Johnson, Luke Hohman, Rich Mironov
  7. Lose Control of your Marketing – David Meerman Scott
  8. Practical Rules for Product Managers – Maureen Rogers
  9. Product Focus – Product Management Journal
  10. The Art of the Social Sale (registration required) – Various contributors
  11. The Gobbledygook Manifesto – David Meerman Scott
  12. The Secrets of Tuned in Leaders – Craig Stull, Phil Myers, David Meerman Scott
  13. The Strategic Role of Product Management – Steve Johnson
  14. The New Rules of PR – David Meerman Scott
  15. The New Rules of Viral Marketing – David Meerman Scott
  16. Uncovering Business Breakthroughs – Craig Stull, Phil Myers, David Meerman Scott

Webinar & Podcast Archives

  1. AIPMM Webinars– About 6-7 months of archived webinars
  2. AIPMM Podcasts –  10 podcasts on varying topics.
  3. Global Product Management Talk – Cindy Solomon’s (almost) weekly Twitter chat and talk, including Prabhakar and Saeed
  4. The Heretech – 35 podcasts. Tom Grant interviews people in the industry, including Saeed and Jim.
  5. Product Management View – lots of good stuff including webinars by Alan and Saeed
  6. Pragmatic Marketing – upcoming webinars are at the top. Scroll down the page to see the archived webinars. 
  7. Pragmatic Marketing podcasts – 50 podcasts on iTunes
  8. Product Management Pulse – 17 episodes on iTunes. Michael Ray Hopkin’s podcast
  9. Product Marketing Podcast – Growing list (at least 11) by Josh Duncan

Discussion Forums, Article Collections and Social Media Links

  1. Agile Product Management CoP – LinkedIn
  2. Blackblot Knowledge Base – Blackblot
  3. Feature Definition CoP – LinkedIn
  4. Technology Product Management & Marketing Professionals – Forrester
  5. Innovation CoP – LinkedIn
  6. Inside Spin – Technology entrepreneurs seeking excellence
  7. Internet Product Management Group – LinkedIn
  8. Market Sensing CoP – LinkedIn
  9. On Startups Group – LinkedIn
  10. Pragmatic Marketing Alumni – LinkedIn
  11. Product Management Exchange – Sequent Learning
  12. Product People on Twitter – lots of PM, PMM types
  13. Product Managers on Twitter worth following – another good list
  14. Product Management Blogs – Alltop
  15. Product Management Blogs – PostRank
  16. Product Management Exchange – Sequent Learning
  17. Requirement Definition CoP – LinkedIn
  18. Roadmap Definition CoP – LinkedIn
  19. Software Licensing and Pricing – LinkedIn

NOTE: CoP is short for Community of Practice.

  1. Val Workman

    A full list of Communities of Practice can be found here:


    These communities are part of a system of communities, together these communities act as a system-of-systems designed to be the innovation value chain for social innovation.

    The mission of these communities is to:

    1. Improve the practices within their focus area
    2. Help participants submit documented processes to the IPM Alliance for APM certification
    3. Mentor and provide role models to the community’s participants
    4. Collect and distribute shared resources and information
    5. Apply PM methods as practitioners towards social innovation

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