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I gotta camp out to get me some of that … iPhone camping guide

It’s a phone. It’s really just a phone. But it’s also internet, chat, camera. All of which exist. But this, this is the iPhone.

Here is a site that helps you stake out places to sleep, eat, and, yes, go to the bathroom, in the vicinity of the iPhone release sites.

Wowza. Check out the description of the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena.

  1. Alan

    Yes, there certainly are some cons with this phone … and it is a first-generation device. I bought the 40GB Apple TV and quickly hit the storage limit … only to find they released a 160GB version a couple of months later.

    I also talked to someone at Nokia … the best critique he could muster was that the iPhone’s battery life was short, but Apple has since fixed that, or so I’ve read.

    Despite all this, doesn’t the hype around this phone say something significant? Certainly there is the hype fest going on here, but to me it also says that people love great design, and few other phones can be accused of great design. If Apple’s first generation design isn’t perfect, take a look at the first gen iPod; it was a sleeper, but it caught on. Apple is becoming the BMW of technology; it’s not about the need for transportation, but it is about the driving experience.

    I’m probably going to buy one just to be an early adopter on this… or maybe I’ll wait for the next release. Quality is Job 1.1?

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