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  1. saeed

    Alan, we’re in violent agreement.

    It *is* all about strategy, alignment and value creation. When working in a market-driven products company, it becomes difficult to have a sales-driven BizDev function that regularly wants to go off the roadmap with deals of questionable value. That was the whole point of my postings.

    My current company doesn’t have the problems with BizDev that my previous companies had. It’s a pretty rational company and there is a general sense of alignment. Product Management is included in the BizDev process.

    As for not taking my own advice — if I were throwing insults at other functions, you’d be correct. But I’m not, and thus respectively, you’re not. Identifying the problem is the first step in solving it. My intent was to help others who may be in situations similar to those I had in previous companies. Based on the comments from the readers, there was some agreement to what I said, though clearly in sales-driven companies, BizDev can be a force for significant value creation.


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