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  1. Curtis

    Don’t forget that often the “new” printer comes w/ a very small amount of ink or toner. It appears to be a standard cartridge – but it’s half full. The manufacturers have learned – why provide a full supply when the customer is going to need to purchase a new refill in the near future.

  2. saeed


    Thanks for the advice. I don’t simply want to throw away the older printer. I would likely give it away, though, as mentioned, I’m passing the buck to someone else. i.e. they now have the dilemma of spending the money on the toner cartridge or buying a cheaper equivalent printer new.

    It goes back to the pricing model. When the consumables cost more than the base product + consumable, the pricing curve is out of whack. If the companies weren’t trying to gouge me on the consumable, I’d happily pay for it and not waste the original printer, but from a price/value perspective, it doesn’t make sense. And I’m assuming their profit is in the consumable, so how are they making money? The $29 Epson ink jet printer is another similar example. It’s clearly an incredible loss leader but without getting any commitment from the purchaser to buy more Epson ink, it seems like a money losing — or at least really inefficient — business model.

    Do you know of any other examples of similar kinds of strange pricing scenarios?


  3. Susan Bridges McKay

    The idea of junking the old printer and getting a new one is *logical* given this pricing model, but it is shockingly wasteful. It puts me in mind of an article I read yesterday about how everyone is junking perfectly good CRT TVs in favour of flatscreen LCD or plasma models. Many people are, of course, making an effort to find homes for their old TVs… and printers… but it’s quite rightly disturbing to waste something that isn’t broken.

    My solution to this kind of problem is to wait patiently for a flatscreen TV until my CRT finally gives up the ghost… and to fork over the extra $20 for a new cartridge for the cheap printer. After all, I spend more than $20 at dinner some nights. Given that a new cartridge can last a year or more, what’s $20? Consider it the price you pay to avoid the uneasy feelings you’d otherwise have about throwing perfectly good stuff away.

    Or let’s hope, at least, that most of us would have those feelings. My $0.02.

  4. saeed

    Junking the old printer is a concern to me. I still have my basic laser printer, and in a couple of weeks, the toner will run out of it. At that point, what do I do with it? I’ve considered donating it to my kids’ school. Pass the buck so to speak. Beyond that I’m not sure. Any suggestions?

  5. Steve King

    At this price, it is just easier to buy a new printer every time and save the $20. In fact, I did this for a couple of years when I just needed a basic ink-jet printer. I went through 6 printers in two years. It was just easier (and cheaper) to junk the old one every time.

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