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  1. KG2V

    amazing – I happen to be in the market for a UPS. You can guess where APC just went on my “vendor list” – hahahahaha

    If I can’t get a UPS that either warns, or has a built in Molly Guard, I’ll make one (I have a machine shop_ – Humm – Now there is a marketing opportunity, Molly Guards for APC UPSes… A small piece of thin acrylic (or polycarbonate) plastic, a hinge, and some double sided tape – if the hinge is spring loaded, we don’t even need a catch, but we can put a magnetic catch on the side opposite the hinge….

    (anyone can have the idea – free)

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    Great series on the importance of managing interactions with your customers. I pulled from your posts and some others to wrap things up into an article about engaging your current customers (linked to my name). Would love to hear any other ‘generalized’ learning or themes you see coming out of your unfortunate chain of events.

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