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Who is doing Win/Loss?

I am writing a series on Win/Loss Analysis, and would be interested to get your input. Please send me a note if you:

  • believe you have some best practices to share about Win/Loss analysis. I am looking for real-life stories of how Win/Loss changed your business, turned an account around, helped your team focus, or helped your career.
  • have a horror story about Win/Loss. Sales getting misinformation? A customer going postal? Using a single data point to summarize a market?

I can keep your identity private if you wish, and I’ll make it easy for you to contribute.

Thanks – I hope to hear from you.


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  1. Ellen Naylor

    Hi Alan,

    Here is the link to an article I wrote on win loss analysis for Competitive Intelligence Magazine and today’s blog on win loss analysis

    One of my most interesting win loss stories was at an electric utility company where electricity had become deregulated recently. The company was losing 1 case after the other due to price said sales. Management was skeptical since this is what sales says all the time. But it was true I found out as I interviewed these lost customers. The company’s price was out of the ballpark. So I investigated their pricing policies and found out they were trying to make a profit in both their wholesale and retail business, which was no longer possible in a competitive marketplace.

    Good luck with you win loss compendium. HTH, Ellen

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