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  1. saeed


    Developers who state they don’t need a PM because they’ve moved to Agile don’t understand what Product Management is, and also don’t understand what Agile is. If the Executive team agrees with the development view of PM, then the same holds true for the business. And if that is the case, I’d recommend that PMs in that situation either educate their executives real quick, or move on to a company that has a real understanding of the value of Product Management.

    That statement about Product Management is akin to Sales saying they don’t need Marketing because they have adopted a relationship selling methodology and Marketing has no value there. It’s a position based on ignorance.

    While a little tongue-in-cheek, I wrote this article to point out some obvious realities of how business works and how this move by Development to be “agile”, to adapt to change and focus on the customer, is nothing new. The rest of us, including Sales, Marketing, Product Management etc. have been preaching and living that for a long time.

    Understanding the larger business context is still a problem for Engineering. While they want to be customer centric, they also have to be aware of the business context they work in. Part of that means understanding the roles and importance other teams in the business have in the overall business success. Those teams include, of course, Product Management.


  2. buy Quetiapine cash on delivery

    Saeed, very interesting article! I talk to PMs regularly who tell me their teams have moved to Agile and are feeling like they “don’t need PM” as much now. They (the developers who “don’t need PM”) do not understand what PM brings to the table. This post is a solid resource to help them understand — in their own context — what PM can and will do for them. -Michael

  3. Ameet


    This was a great article. I have been reading about how gaga the industry has been with Agile and been wondering, isn’t that all common sense and don’t many “professions” follow that principle.

    Too many times people get stuck up in a particular example rather than trying to understand the “idea” behind the example.

    – Ameet

  4. saeed


    Thanks for the comment. I agree, there are PMs who go way overboard and don’t understand the difference between a requirement and a spec. But, that is not the general case. Most PMs write requirements that probably need more information or context. But even the most complete requirements will not have all the info that engineers need to convert the requirement into a spec. I think this is where some PMs make mistakes and go overboard with details.

    As for the “location of the cancel button”, as you describe it, that should be the responsibility of interface designers or interaction designers.

    I’ve worked with some good interaction design people. While technically part of engineering, they are user interface and end-user focused, and drive the look, feel, workflow etc. of the product based on direct interaction and research with users. IMHO, absolutely essential for any significant software project.


  5. ophirk

    Great Article.

    However, I have seen cases where the product managers wrote detailed documents explaining everything from the market analysis to the location of the cancel button. It is not uncommon to see PM’s who spec out the implementation rather than the requirement.

    One thing I think PM is supposed to do is keep the consistency and intention of the product alive. Simplest example would be consistent use of terminology across the product according to the intentions of the customers and product managers. This can not be achieved in real life without a lot of attention to details and can not be left to common sense of engineers.

    I see this is one of the weaknesses of agile. an excellent PM might help here as he monitors the frequent change still create a consistent solution and preserve its business goal.

  6. saeed


    Thanks for the compliment.


    Glad you like the article. See my comment to Jim for more detail on this. Minus the specific implementation details such as Scrum, I see Agile as a means for software development to change it’s culture and be more accomodating to real world dynamics.


    Virtually everything PMs do is product centered. Even things like helping sales people with deals is product centric. But, I do see where you are coming from.

    While the post is a tiny bit tongue in cheek, there is a serious point in it. Agile principles correct for a problem that has long existing in software development.

    In short, it was a lack of acknowledgment in software development of the dynamic nature of the real world and the fact that software development is not like other engineering disciplines.

    When thought of as a discipline like “engineering”, the engineering aspects used in the physical world are applied to the software world. When building a bridge or a house or a computer chip or something else, the analysis, planning and design that happens up front is critical. You can’t just start building a bridge for example, and then figure out the details as you go along. You model everything ahead of time, render it in 3d, build scale models, conduct material, structural and site tests, and THEN build it. Even while building it, small changes may be needed to accommodate for new information learned along the way.

    But for software, because of it’s “soft” nature, the difficulty in truly understanding the details on how it will be used, as well as the changing market needs as it is being built, that is not how it should be built. But, because it was viewed as “engineering”, then the analyze and plan practices of the physical world were adopted and used extensively.

    The reality is that given the complexities and unknowns of software, and the dynamic nature of the market, a more adaptive approach was needed. The founders of Agile understood this, and defined a very eloquent call for change within the software development community.

    Sales, Marketing, Product Management etc. all worked adaptively. Software development did not.

    While I truly welcome this change in the culture of software development, it must be acknowledged that it’s not as revolutionary as some people seem to think.


  7. buy online Quetiapine

    @saeed: I love it! Very fun.

    @Dr. Jim: I think you can take a step back and say that dev teams are responsible for implementing software solutions, and given that responsibiliity, agile teams follow the manifesto in their quest to implement. You can also say that a product manager, responsible for creating a great product, can also be agile by following the principles of the manifesto in the execution of her duties.

    In the end, I think this says that the manifesto provides good ideas, applicable to fields beyond “implementing software”

  8. Quetiapine without rx

    Saeed: well, ok so Product Management has agile characteristics. However, isn’t the whole comparison thing sorta like comparing apples to oranges? I might be willing to go along with you if we were talking about PROJECT MANAGEMENT; however, we’re not. Product management focuses on a lot of tasks that are not product centered – customer focus groups, interactions with sales, etc. These tasks have little or nothing to do with S/W development and yet they are a critical part of the PM job.

    Perhaps a better way of saying it is that the S/W development team needs to agile and the PM needs to be flexible.

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    where to purchase cheap Quetiapine no rx

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