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  1. buy genuine Quetiapine

    “Business alignment over engineering efficiency” is a goal of product management, not development. IMO, I want developers and engineers laser-focused on engineering efficencies, quality and other issues that they live & breathe. PMs need to ensure business alignment, requirements, priorities, etc. which is why we need a Product Manager’s Agile Manifesto. But hey, that’s just me …

    1. Quetiapine order online


      Thanks for the comment. While I agree that the “Business alignment” rule applies to Product Management in general, in the context of decision making, and in light of the examples I gave, it is also something that Development needs to understand as well.

      As I wrote in the article:

      “We want efficient engineering teams. They should not be wasting cycles on non-productive work or work that has little value. But, that drive towards efficiency, velocity and productivity cannot be blind to the priorities and needs of the business. Those business priorities must be incorporated into the day-to-day decision making that takes place in a product development cycle.”

  2. saeed


    What you’re suggesting may work, but I think a lot of stuff that “product” would boil down to a “no regression in major product areas” or something like that.

    I look at it this way. The requirements documents basically focus on what’s new or different from the last release. Everything else should continue to work as defined or designed in previous releases.

    Obvious things like the installer and licensing should not need to be specified unless there are changes in those areas. If PMs need to specify that, then what else do they need to specify? The Dev/QA people are technical professionals, not automatons who will only do what is told of them.

    But the culture of development is far too skewed towards technical expediency and that has to change.


  3. saeed


    People do have different frames of reference, and that’s why the Manifesto is a good thing for the development community. It is a call for a change in attitude and culture amongst software development professionals.

    For those building commercial software — even open source products — they need to understand that they are a part of a business. For example, SugarCRM is an open-source CRM product. But it is part of a for-profit business. It competes with commercial closed-source CRM products.

    As long as developers are working on commercial software, they need to join the rest of the company and ensure they are aligned with the business objectives. Now every developer doesn’t have to be a business pro, but those in management — development managers, QA managers etc — should be mature enough to understand what the objectives of the business are and why not everything can be handled as purely a technical decision.

    The licensing example I provided was simply one of several instances I’ve seen over the years where technical decisions were made without understanding the business implications of them. At minimum they raise support cases, but can also cause business loss. Imagine the impression on the company that purchased the software. If they can’t actually even get the software license working, what could that imply about other parts of the product? Perhaps they should reconsider their purchase. It’s something that would run through my mind if I bought software that didn’t install or couldn’t manage licensing properly.

    The Manifesto is helping change the culture of software development for the better. This issue of business alignment is one area where it could make the change more impactful.


  4. David Locke

    The war between developers and product management continues. It is the product manager’s position in life to have been a developer who is now focused on business priorities. When I go to networking functions, I run into younger developers, who participated in the open software movement, or Agile, or was it just graduating from the university when they did, that want nothing to do with money. Where the heck did that come from? So don’t expect developers to get with the program. Most of them just want to create. They don’t seem to think about where their paychecks come from. Oh, I forgot! The payroll comes from the VCs.


  5. saeed


    Roadmapping seems to be an issue for many agilists. I wrote about it here,

    buy cod Quetiapine

    Really there is no conflict, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard proponents of Agile argue that creating a product roadmap is useless in an Agile dev culture because “the requirements backlog is constantly changing”.

    This comes from a lack of a understanding of the business context they work in. Businesses care about releases. They don’t care about iterations or sprints. Yet, I’ve heard developers state far too many times, that given the code can ship at the end of every iteration (let’s just assume that is true), why do we need long release cycles. Again, this is a lack of the business context.

    In the end, every employee in a company should have enough understanding of the business and it’s objectives to make more informed decisions in their jobs. This is true for sales, marketing, finance, product management and, yes, engineering.

    We need informed, educated professionals who deliver value add in what they do, not a bunch of technologists who are oblivious to the business they are in.


  6. saeed


    You are right, automated testing would have solved the problem, but the lack of automation is not a reason to ignore testing licensing.

    You state that the QA is not to blame, as they made their decision based on risk assessment. And that is the correct approach from a purely technical point of view. But that is exactly why this new element is needed. They cannot simply work from a technical perspective. They need to look at things from the business perspective. Licensing is core to a software business. It is not simply a feature. It MUST work and it MUST be tested. The licensing example is simply one specific case for the need for a more business oriented focus. The priorities and needs of the business, not simply the technology must be part of the decision matrix.

    And until it is explicitly expressed in something like the Agile Manifesto, it will remain a gap that needs to be addressed.


  7. saeed


    Thanks for the comment. The principle “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.”, is necessary, but it is not sufficient. First, I actually don’t think it is truly attainable…Software development needs interaction from the business side of things, but I’ve yet to see a shop were that interaction is everyday.

    Even with this principle, it doesn’t abstain the development teams from needing to understand the business implications of decisions. It’s no wonder that Engineering departments have been accused of living in ivory towers. They are part of a business, like every other business function and need to be aware of the realities of that association.

    This is why this principle needs to be elevated into the Manifesto. I give the writers credit for their brevity, but given that the Manifesto is a call for change in the software development community, one area the Manifesto doesn’t cover is the relationship between business and engineering. Once Engineering teams adopt and understand that, the real sea change in their profession will occur.


  8. Quetiapine generic

    Perhaps this business vs execution issue is the reason why roadmapping is a favorite topic for product managers. Most agile development systems seem optimized for developers but not for the business. It’s not that business-oriented product managers cannot talk to technology-oriented developers; it’s that some developers are praying to the shrine of technical excellence and ignoring the impact of their decisions on revenue and profit.

    I’ve long been a believer in “we’ll serve no code before its time” but I’ve also organized work so I can deliver something that has real business impact. I’d rather ship 100% of something than 70% of everything.

    And yes, some agilists and their product managers need to look beyond the manifesto to its 12 principles. That’s where the meat is.

  9. generic Quetiapine prices

    The iterative approach to agile is often supported by use of automated systems and it strikes me that the above licensing issue is a case that could have been prevented by extensive unit tests and test automation systems.

    The QA in the example is not to be blamed here. They will have had to perform a risk management and it is common that areas that have had no code changes are not deemed as risky as areas that have, unless there is prior history of instability – in which case, someone would need to be made aware of it. If the developers were coding in a clean manner, and unit testing, then there should not have been any builds reaching the QA department that broke pre-existing, and supposedly untouched, functionality.

    So to prevent this problem, both Robin Martin’s rule and your own were needed: Use good coding practises and ensure that the customer needs are known on every level of the company.
    As the poster above me said, the customer collaboration part of the manifesto does seem to cover your point already.

  10. Quetiapine prices

    The 5th element you propose is contained (from how I understand it) in this Agile principle: “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.”, and I also think it can be filed under “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation” element of the Agile manifesto.

    Other than that, it seems that the communication and cooperation between different groups from your example definitely should be improved. It is unfortunately not a lonely case, I have also witnessed similar problems before.

    The misunderstandings go both ways.

    I can illustrate with your example – when engineering teams “promote the creation of SDKs and APIs when end-user functionality is what is required, or advocate for “rearchitecture” or “refactoring of code”, when neither provides any clear business benefit.”

    Engineers do know what the value of the changes they propose is, and it is a real value to everyone, but maybe they do not present it in a clear enough way to the business people. I think that is the problem, the value IS THERE, but the communication is not adequate, or the values are not presented in ways that produce those “Ah-ha!” moments when everyone gets the essence of the explanation.

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