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  1. Dheeraj

    Hi Chris,

    It has been a very interesting triad to read. I have a small query set:

    1. Does moving from version 4.0 of a product to 5.0 (which is a vastly enhanced avatar) and gradually removing support et al for the previous version amount to killing 4.0 ?

    2. (I know that there is no straight answer for this but:) If one is killing the entire product line or rechristening the new avatar, how does one salvage the brand value and bring brownie points from the previous brand to prop the new brand up ? I have asked this because often, owing to the difficulty of creating new brands, companies fall into the line extension trap and perceptions of the new product loses become muddled and difficult to manage.

    3. In case you are killing a product in one geography but continuing support in other (lesser developed) markets, what stresses does the organization go through ?

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