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  1. el Quetiapine generico

    Nice post. Thank you. You’re right. Unfortunately this mess-aging is rampant online. I’ll take a stab at your 3 questions:

    1. Could it be that, as a company’s product lines and # of target markets increase and diverge, it simply gets too difficult to be more specific, so we fall back on generalities that appeal to almost everybody? Many, many, company web sites have this problem.

    2. Since messaging about a product can be more specific than the umbrella company’s message, maybe the solution is to let products develop their own brand, messaging, web sites, etc. which target customers with real, demonstratable value statements. This seems to have been the approach in pharmaceuticals. I mean, how many of us know, or even care about, the manufacturer of the drugs we take? Most of us don’t. We only care about the benefits of the product, so we memorize and seek out the product/brand name. A fair amount of this happens in the beverage industry, too. I remember thinking recently, “What do you mean my new favorite drink is a Coke product?! I thought I had discovered something rare, new and wonderful!”

    3. Don’t try to be all things to all customers. Target your market and make sure everybody (from prospective/current customers to engineers to front-line support staff) understands who your customers are and why your product is selected by your customers.

    Let the products run their brand independently and link back to the parent company, for the few people who really want to learn more about the company (ostensibly these are only investors and job seekers).

  2. buy cheap generic Quetiapine online

    As usual, a good, thought-provoking topic!
    That lead paragraph on Cisco’s corporate overview page could benefit from a good writer – its possibly the victim of committee editing! But a quick glance down the page does promise some clearer and better messaging.

    I’ve seen lots of companies fall into the committee editing trap. A good writer presents some tight, well-crafted copy, and then everybody swaps in their favorite buzzwords and sound bites. What you get is blather.

    Or, a writer without adequate understanding throws together lots of cool, sophisticated phrases and comes up with blather, which no one challenges (see huhcorp) because they were high-priced and recommended by the VP of whatever as an “expert”. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve called bull**** on that one.

  3. Graham

    One of my recent favorites (name hidden to protect the guilty)…

    I would like to speak with you about some best practices and strategies for achieving sales and marketing effectiveness in 2010.

    Leveraging our global reputation as a respected third-party analyst and market research firm, ***** & **** is uniquely qualified to create custom multi-dimensional integrated marketing solutions that identify, educate, and deliver highly qualified leads, and increase sales and marketing effectiveness to deliver continuous returns.

    I’m sold! I’ll take five today and four more next month.

  4. buy 300 mg Quetiapine

    One of the challenges is that it is easy to spend time deep in your product features and those of your industry. When it comes to messaging, it is then a race to get as much jargon out there as possible.

    Your are so deep that you don’t even realize how your messaging comes across as mumbo-jumbo.

    I think the classic test of asking someone outside of your field to critique your messaging main points is a good place to start. They might not understand everything, but if they are completely lost, you may be slinging “gobbledygook“.

    Thanks for the post.


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