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  1. buy Quetiapine without a credit card

    Hubris is the only excuse for the comments denigrating Ford’s insights. Clearly, visionaries do not operate on local time or next-door longitudes, but customer operate on today and worse…YESTERDAY. They are not capable of seeing the “ghost in the room,” which is so obvious to the visionary. While the average customer is amazing by the beauty of the tiles on the ceiling, visionaries look not at the tiled ceiling but at the missing tiles. Customers, in general…and Ford was speaking in generalities…mostly are inured to what they know. And, those who speak of “what if” and “why doesn’t somebody..” NEVER do a damned thing about making it a reality.

    To denigrate Ford, for saying what he did, simply means that, even during his day, he was smarter than YOU.

    1. Saeed


      Thanks for the great comment! It’s very clear to me that you carefully read my post and thought about what I said before posting your very insightful comment. I’m certainly glad you decided to share your thoughts and give everyone a clear picture of your views and attitudes on the topic.


  2. el Quetiapine generico

    I love the quote. It does remind me that we don’t need to do a bunch of useless research to just do what we want and what is our passion. That’s the point behind Steve Jobs repeating it. When he innovated, he never asked for opinion. When a product came out, and people hated it, he listened and changed the product to make the customer happy. People don’t know what the hell they want aside from eating, shitting and sleeping. They go to the store, see something that someone like Steve Jobs developed, and go “oh, yeah, I could really use that.” Something becomes a want that they didn’t know they wanted, and then becomes a need. That’s Steve Jobs.

  3. Carlo

    It’s interesting to see so many posts about so-called “good” product managers. Because I’ve met many good product managers, and with all the market research and analysis decks and in-depth questioning, none of them ever came up with an innovation analogous to a car vs. a faster horse. Most PM’s come up with faster/stronger horses. Keeping in mind that the quote doesn’t say faster horses are bad; a faster/stronger horse would have been a great value to the 1900’s market.

    But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with assuming that most customers are incapable of imagining a revolutionary idea – individually or as a group. Which is common sense, because history proves that level of foresight and genius is rare. I see this quote more as a reminder of common sense that modern technology management teams and boardrooms seem to lose sight of too often. The common sense that people capable of leaps that impact an entire society are rare, and when those people come around, regardless of focus group or committee or mob or even an entire consumer market’s demand, we should get our horses out of their way if we want to be amazed. Or if we don’t want to get run over 🙂

    The other point in this quote that I always infer, is some people are gifted at bringing something to market that a customer never asked for but immediately desires. And that desire can be based on the customer’s daily needs or their daily dreams. And look out for magic when those two are one in the same.

    1. Saeed


      Thanks for the comment. One thing to keep in mind is that Ford didn’t invent the automobile. They had been around for quite a while before Ford came out with the first Model T. What Ford did do though was automate the manufacturing process thus providing CHEAP cars to the market. The irony though, if you read about Ford’s life, is that the manufacturing process that made him famous and wealthy was also his undoing. As the market matured and changed, his manufacturing process was so rigid that he couldn’t innovate and provide more choice to buyers which is what the market wanted. This opened the door to other companies who were more nimble than he. Sound familiar? This story has played out many times across many industries over the decades, most notably recently, with RIM and the smartphone makers. Why don’t CEOs learn from history?

      WRT PMs coming out with innovations like car vs. faster horse, I believe it happens regularly but in many cases we don’t see it because the opportunity for change in society happens so rarely. How often do we have massive structural or cultural shifts in society that are akin to moving from an agrarian society (horses) to an industrial society (cars). Not often.


      1. Carlo

        Excellent points! It would be interesting to understand the perspective that buyers of Ford cars had about the technology prior to Ford. Was there buzz about Ford in households leading up to his release of the Model A or T?

        Ultimately I wouldn’t say that Ford was undone though. Nimbleness and choice is a lot easier to pull-of after someone else has already paved the way and expanded what people are willing to pay for. His simplification of choices allowed him to get a foothold in the market that arguably has never been fully supplanted. Whatever success his competitors had, Ford’s decisions sufficiently earned the company a spot in our psyche – branded if you will – to survive until today. Even recently being able to weather the American industry’s near collapse better than its competitors.

  4. next day delivery on Quetiapine saturday

    Four years into the search for a solution to a new democratic media I tend to agree with this quote about a faster horse. The problem isn’t seeking advice from others. The problem is others opening their mind to new ideas. It’s not intelligence, it’s motivating others to see possibilities beyond the existing realities. Creativity is difficult, sharing creativity is more difficult. The horse quote attributed to Henry Ford describes the problem of acquiring public feedback with a new idea. Solutions are unlikely to be developed with the agreement of the majority. A smaller group must build on ideas, incrementally exposing the progress to the public. The smaller group can then gauge the response from the majority to refine the product.

    Four years into the no rx Quetiapine idea I have yet to recruit interest in the unrealized possibility of the human populace. The Do Good Gauge describes a democratic communication system. Democracy will not improve the human condition through chaos and mayhem. Thoughts and solutions percolate from the masses through a process of refinement. Refinement through smaller groups which incrementally develop quality of thought.

  5. generic Quetiapine prices

    Saeed, I’m obviously late to this conversation, but I was doing a search for a Henry Ford quote and your post showed up on the first page.

    What bothers me is when people use this quote to justify not visiting customers and doing market research. Getting outside of your product management bubble is absolutely key to developing successful products. Yes, we (product managers) have to be innovative and go beyond the standard answers we hear from customers. But, like you say, it’s more about asking the right questions. The biggest problem we create for ourselves is thinking we know what will be the next big innovation without listening to the marketing.

    – Michael

      1. Saeed

        Yup, totally agree. And that’s how I’ve seen it used unfortunately. i.e. to justify not getting information from external sources.

        Once CEO at a startup once said that he didn’t believe in market research because “By the time you finish the research, you could already have built a product.” What was most shocking was that this was at a company that had just spent 18 months building something that no one wanted to buy.

  6. steve waasiura

    I wish I had a time machine to travel back in time and see if Ford really said that. He didn’t invent the automobile, he invented a cheaper way to manufacture a car, using the assembly line. So it’s not like people didn’t know about the car, and they wanted a faster horse. They wanted a car, they just couldn’t afford it because they were all custom made things just for richy rich people. That’s my take on it.

  7. buy generic Quetiapine canada

    Hi Saeed,

    I completely agree with you on this one. The thing is most people miss the context of the quote when reusing it.

    In my humble opinion (which is worth $0.02) this is true for disruptive innovation (which drastically alters the way people do things) where the problem definition is not complete like the first cars or planes or the tablet in the example above. However for most customer problems and especially for a product which is widely deployed with a defined problem definition, in my opinion, the best product is the one which introduces incremental changes instead of monumental changes. Any major deviation and there is huge customer backlash (e.g. Windows Vista vs Windows 7)

    Nice post and it was fun re-visiting Edison again. The only sad part was you did not mention Tesla 🙂 who was a genius who used disruptive innovation within the pragmatic application framework (availability, scalability). He was both a researcher and a Product Person.


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