New Download – Lean Communications – Aligning Diverse Teams and Accelerating Revenue in High Tech Companies

Back in late 2007 & early 2008 I wrote a 6-part series of articles entitled Product Manager vs. Product Management.  The intent was to try to elevate discussion around the role of Product Management as opposed to simply what a lone Product Manager should do.

To be honest, that series meandered a bit, but it had it’s good points. Over the last few years, a couple of those parts have seen a lot of traffic. At the beginning of Part 4, I mention that I had received a number of requests for a “20-page document” that I’d mentioned in Part 3. That document defined what I called a “Product Management Deliverables Grid”.

Fundamentally, that document tried to put a structure and definition around the cross-team deliverables (and some activities) that were performed by Product Management over the course of a release cycle. The grid looked something like this:

(click image to enlarge)

The aim was to find a standard, scalable, product and release independent means for the PM team to function. Not too ambitious eh?

I did mention in Part 4, that I didn’t want to release the document (at that time) and so, metaphorically, instead of giving people fish, I’d teach them to fish. 🙂

Over the years I’ve updated the grid, generalized the document and created a structure around it which I call Lean Communications.  I’ve embedded a slide deck below that goes through the background on the Lean Communication model. And right after that I’ve included a PDF of the “20-page document” (now about 28 pages) for your convenience. Yes, here’s the fish!

But, can I ask a favour?

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So here’s the presentation.

And here is the PDF. Click on the image to download. Don’t forget to Tweet!

Thanks. And once you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.