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    1. buy herbal Quetiapine


      I think helping regions (like the Ohio Valley) start one is a great idea; but, that is something I have been doing all along. I have helped Chicago and you in Denver with guidance and contacts.

      What I am hoping to do with this program is to encourage those who are in regions that do not have a Product Camp to attend one, with travel help from this program, and return to their region excited enough to start a program.

      It’s about small steps in paying it forward. I can’t boil an ocean.

  1. buy generic Quetiapine

    Jennifer I applaud the idea. I wanted to believe in it and pulled out my wallet to help contribute. Then I stopped for a moment and thought about it. I am passionate about Pcamps as well. (I am sitting in snowy Denver drinking a steaming cup of coffee out of my Minn. Pcamp mug, mmm!)I just couldn’t contribute to an individual. It was too limited and the return could go either way.

    Now, before I get labeled as a tightwad, I will propose another option which would be to contribute to a fledgling camp. More are needed. One of the daunting aspects about setting up a camp is how to fund it. Several of the sponsors Pragmatic Marketing, 280Group, Sequent Learning, Proficientz to name a few have come through in some big ways. I can get behind a new launch. There seems to be a hole in the Ohio river valley (looking at you P&G).

    This way it is not an individual making a 6 figure salary claiming poor me. It is the start of a local community that can continue to add value and create the necessary conversations.

    If you like that idea, shoot me an e-mail.

    Good proposal for paying it forward though.

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