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    No, no, no… if you are not asking these questions directly to customers yourself you are simply not doing the job you were hired for. GET OUT OF THE BUILDING! All of the interesting stuff happens out there.

    I get that field engagement is important but the simple answer is that direct client conversation is much better than the feedback mediated through the sales team.

    1. Saeed

      Hi Jeff

      While I understand your point, I don’t think Matt is saying that one should ask these questions ONLY to sales reps and not speak to customers/prospects. These (or analogous) questions should be discussed with customers/prospects, where appropriate, but in a sales situation, PMs aren’t on the front line selling. These are questions for a pre-sales scenario not post sales.

      When a sales rep comes to me and asks for assistance in a specific sales situation, I definitely ask him/her these types of questions. Not only do they get to the heart of the information I need, but if the salesrep cannot answer them, then it’s clear he/she has work to do. It’s also an indirect form of training for the reps.

      Post sales, there’s a different set of questions that are usually discussed, almost always without any intermediation from sales reps.


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        Saeed is right on target with this one. Getting in front of customers and prospects yourself is key to product management success. However, your sales team is doing that every day while you are probably stuck doing things like creating roadmaps, writing user stories or doing bug reviews with your engineering team.

        And given that there is probably only ONE of you and MANY salespeople, they are inevitably going to have more customer contact than you ever will, so you want to mine that resource as well.

        – Matt

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