On Product Management is back!! — with some changes


It’s been a pretty rough period on this blog for the last year or more.

First of all, I stopped blogging a while back. To be honest, I became very busy with work, and about the same time, I lost my writing focus.

On the plus side, both of those issues have been resolved. I’m no longer as busy, and I’ve got my writing “mojo” back!!!

Now unfortunately, last year in particular, this blog was HACKED several times. And each time I fixed the hack, it was hacked again shortly thereafter. Some of it was my fault for not keeping plugin versions etc. up to date, but the hacking was relentless – on one day alone last year, there were over 3000 attempted logins blocked by site security.  In the end, despite my efforts, it was not something that could be prevented.

A New Domain
That said, the hacks have been addressed (I hope). But, as another tactic against the hacking, I’ve decided to change the domain for this blog.

It used to be

Now it’s

The downside of this of course, is that all the links and trackbacks and SEO juice pointing back to the .net domain built over the years will no longer work or be of benefit.

But the content is back online. It will be indexed by Google, Bing etc. and should be findable by those looking for it.

So in short, we’re back, and will be publishing new and fresh content on a regular basis.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts.


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About the Author

Saeed Khan is a founder and Managing Editor of On Product Management, and has worked for the last 20 years in high-technology companies building and managing market leading products. He also speaks regularly at events on the topic of product management and product leadership. You can contact him via Twitter @saeedwkhan or via the Contact Us page on this blog.

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  1. jidoctor

    Welcome back! I understand the break – I took one awhile ago – and it was very well deserved…but, your voice was missed!

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