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OnProductManagement celebrates 10 years!!!

by Saeed Khan

It’s hard to believe that back in June 2007 (10 years ago), Ethan, Alan and I started this blog.  We were all working in Product Management in companies in Toronto, and thought it would be a good idea to create a blog and speak our minds.

A look back at 10 year in Product Management

Over the rest of June, we’ll revisit the posts over the last 10 years and acknowledge many of the contributors we’ve had over the years (about 30 by my count). Some contributed a guest post (or two) while others became regular staples on the blog.

Help us spread the word 

We’d like your help to get the word out about the anniversary. Please retweet or share as much as possible. And to incent you a bit, we’ll also be offering a little something special a few of you who do the best job at spreading the word.

Stay tuned for details on this. (Hint, it involves #onpm10)

BTW, feel free to suggest some of your favourite posts in the comments below.

And here’s a little birthday wish to the blog. There are MANY versions of Happy Birthday on the web, but this one seemed to catch my fancy today.


Please tweet: OnProductManagement celebrates 10 years!!! Please join us. #prodmgmt #birthday #onpm10

About the Author

Saeed Khan is a founder and Managing Editor of On Product Management, and has worked for the last 20 years in high-technology companies building and managing market leading products. He also speaks regularly at events on the topic of product management and product leadership. You can contact him via Twitter @saeedwkhan or via the Contact Us page on this blog.


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