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Product Manager vs. Product Owner – The Jury has Decided

by Saeed Khan

I had the pleasure of “debating” PM vs. PO with Steve Johnson on Allan Neil Ready Product Radio podcast recently.

Part 1 – A mix of facts and funny

The debate (part 1 of a 2 part discussion) followed a (somewhat) humorous style similar to CBC’s radio show The Debaters.

Some key points from the debate:

  • Debating Product Manager (PM) vs. Product Owner (PO) is like debating pie vs. crust. You can’t. The crust is part of the pie (though not the best part), and similarly the role of  PO is part of overall Product Management.
  • Product Owner is a bad name for the role. Product Owners don’t own the product. They never have and they never will. At best, they should be called Agile Product Owners (APO) and understand their role only exists in the context of Agile software development.

Part 2 – A (slightly) more serious conversation

In part 2, Steve and I get a little more serious and share our insights into how companies can address the issues around roles, responsibilities and outcomes with Product Manager and Product Owner roles.

Enjoy and let me how your thoughts.


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