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  1. Saeed

    Michael. Thanks for the comment. Your last line is bang on. Though I think (collectively) the industry is more than “a bit” lost WRT Product Management. Some companies do it well, but MANY others are floundering. In some cases, it’s amazing that there are not MANY more failures than there are today given how a lot of companies function. And in a way, that’s the problem. If companies can be (moderately) successful with their current practices, there is no simple A/B test to say they could be a LOT more successful if they changed their ways. Not sure how to solve this, but it’s a problem waiting for a solution.

  2. Howard Michael Pressman

    Fantastic article and very accurate take. I’ve been a product manager forever, and the real success comes from when a team can work together and discuss and understand what the customer need is and to think differently on how to solve that problem to align to the vision. Just having daily standups, moving and splitting or combining stories and epics and retrospectives ins’t the work; the work is in being thoughtful as you state. And yes, insight takes time. What I see is that the product “owner” spends all their time “feeding” the development team with stories to code, and quickly loses touch with the market. Then “business” people basically turn into product managers and make product owners into BA’s. So there has to be a better way; I believe that’s what Agile was founded to find, but somehow we all got lost a bit on the way.

    1. Saeed

      Thanks Howard. The PO is poorly thought out and idealized from the view of the development team, but not from a practical business perspective. I’ve been saying this for about 9 or 10 years now. 🙁

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