Book Review: Beyond the Obvious

Beyond the Obvious Phil McKinney Hyperion, 2012 250 pages Subtitled “Killer questions that spark game-changing innovation”, McKinney’s new book (released last week) is combination of personal experience in building new [ … ]

PcampSF is tomorrow!

  As part of the wave of Pcamps bringing product managers together everywhere, ProductCamp San Francisco is tomorrow, October 22, 2011. They’re all full unfortunately, but I’ll be there. Say [ … ]

Feedback from Sales

A comment left over at the Inside Sales Experts Blog provides a rebuttal to the common view of sales people by Product Managers: Son, we live in the world of [ … ]

On measuring product/market fit

There’s an interesting interview on measuring product/market fit at Venturehacks: http://venturehacks.com/articles/measure-fit. Apparently it’s easier to launch products that have a great fit with their target markets. Thankfully the interview goes into somewhat [ … ]

Battlin’ Bloggers

On behalf of Saeed, Alan and myself, I’ll be speaking on November 17th at the 2009 AIPMM Product Management Educational Conference in the Battle of the Bloggers. Come and see [ … ]