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Product Management Blogs

  1. ack/nak – Product Management, Product Marketing and other nasty bits
  2. Agile Product Manager – Leading with a Point of View…Embracing Change…Finding my Flow
  3. Al Sargent’s blog – Software development, product management, marketing and technology
  4. All About Product Management – Derek Morrison’s blog
  5. All Things Product Management – Product Management for the High Tech Professional
  6. Always Be Shipping – Musings about Software Product Development
  7. Arvind Mahesh – Product Management, User Experience
  8. Ask a Good Product Manager – Product Management Q&A
  9. Ateala – Ateala Management’s PM Blog
  10. B2B Product Makers – Turning ideas into products
  11. BrainMates – Good PM content from Down Under
  12. Brutally Honest Product Management – Brutally honest about Product Management
  13. BusinessWeek PM Blog – A collection of posts from multiple sources (including us!)
  14. Buy, Use, Love – Stories of Product Nirvana
  15. Carl’s Product Management Blog – From Carl Knibbs in the UK
  16. Chris Douglas – Product and Business Thoughts
  17. Cauvin – Roger Cauvin’s PM blog
  18. Confianzys Blog – Product Management in action
  19. Cranky Product Manager – The ugly side of software product development
  20. Design Staff – Helping startups design great products
  21. Effectivus – Technology Product Management and Marketing
  22. Enthiosys – Agile PM blog by Enthiosys
  23. Fiducial Mark – Location, product management, and social media technologies
  24. Firecracker PM – Information Security. Compliance. Product Management
  25. Forrester PM Blog – Forrester Research on Product Management (Tom Grant and others)
  26. Frank Lio – Marketing Managing, Strategy and Life
  27. Glamour Geek -Technology, gaming, product management. . .
  28. Grant’s PM Blog – Thoughts on the subject by Grant Kitching
  29. Going Native – AIPMM anthropology & product management blog
  30. Good Product Manager – Jeff Lash’s popular PM blog
  31. Guia Do Gerente De Productos – Portuguese PM Blog
  32. Hardware Product Management – Pranav Desai’s blog
  33. I Manage Products – Product Management from the ground up
  34. Ian McAllister’s PM Blog – Consumer web PM tools, techniques, and jobs
  35. Insider’s View on Product Management – A relatively new blog by Gregory Haardt
  36. Joao Rufino’s Blog – Tips & tricks on Internet Marketing, Product and People Strategy
  37. Katelyn on Product – Katelyn Friedson’s blog
  38. Kevin Mirelis – Product Management, Marketing, Startups & News 2.0
  39. Joshua Paul – Product Management and Marketing for Executives
  40. Lena’s Web Log – nice blog, but where’s the About info?
  41. Life & Prod. Mgmt, Agile Style – Scrum and Parenthood – where Sticky is good.
  42. Managed Product – Product Management musings by Gaurav
  43. Marcus Daniels – Entrepreneurial Leadership + Digital Product Management
  44. Marketada – Nathan Bobbin’s PM, Marketing and Development blog
  45. My Product Management Opinion – A slightly humorous take on Product Management
  46. No Batteries Included – Shreyas Doshi’s blog
  47. NetzBaron – (German) Online Product Management, Digital Media, Technology (translate to English)
  48. On Product Management – our blog on Product Management and Product Leadership
  49. One Sweet Life – Robin Zaragoza’s PM blog
  50. One Yoxel – Agile Product Management with Open Source
  51. Outside-In View – Jennifer Doctor’s blog
  52. Painting the Bike Shed – Product Manager learnings
  53. PDMA Blog – Blog of the PDMA 🙂
  54. PifPof.com – Another take on Product Management, User Experience and Product Development
  55. Pink Product Manager – The journey of becoming and thriving as an IT product manager
  56. Pivotal PM – Improve product profitability
  57. PM Tribe – Where the Product Management tribe gathers
  58. Practicing Product Management – Rivi Aspler’s PM blog
  59. #Prodmgmt Views and Stuff – Reflections on product management, strategy, innovation & other stuff
  60. Producteer – Observations from a Product Guy
  61. Product (1st) Marketing (2nd) – Ken Rutsky’s Product Marketing blog
  62. Product Anonymous – Melbourne Product Managers unite!
  63. Product Backlog – The Art of Product Management by Lior Bachar
  64. Product Beautiful – Paul Young’s popular blog
  65. Product Bytes – Rich Mironov’s blog
  66. Product Discovery – Innovate, Validate, Launch
  67. Product Edge – Ninon LaForce’s blog
  68. Product Focus – Rants and raves on best practice in Product Management
  69. Product Guy – Jeremy Horn’s blog
  70. Product Management Challenges – Jacques Murphy’s blog
  71. Product Management in India – Realities of Software/Technology Product Management in India
  72. Product Management Insights – Accompa’s PM blog
  73. Product Management Journal – Making great products requires great product management
  74. Product Management Meets Pop Culture – Chris Cummings interesting take on Product Management
  75. Product Management Musings – Product Management is fun. Peter Ghali’s blog
  76. Product Manager – Internet – Product Management and Marketing for Internet Applications (German)
  77. Product Mantra –  Blog by Sampath Prahalad, Vivek Vijayan & Abhay
  78. Product Matters – Product Management, from Malaysia by a Malaysian
  79. Product Ninja – Jason Miceli’s PM blog
  80. Product Management 2.0 – 280 Group’s Blog
  81. Product Management 2 dot 0 – Michael Karry’s blog
  82. Product Management Journal – Making great products requires great product management.
  83. Product Management Pulse – Michael Ray Hopkin’s Product Management podcast blog
  84. Product Management Tips – Gopal Shenoy’s blog
  85. ProductMarketing. com – Steve Johnson’s musings and thoughts
  86. Product Marketing Blackbelt – Karol McCloskey’s Product Marketing blog
  87. Product Marketing Hub – A German blog Markus von Aschoff (English translation)
  88. Product Owner Vision – John Peltier’s blog
  89. Product-Process-People – Ian McCallister on Web Product Management tools & techniques
  90. Product Personas – A blog by Bonnie Rind
  91. Product Pulse – For Innovation & Product Portfolio
  92. Product Quadrant – Blog on things related to Products
  93. Product Roadmap – A Journey into the world of Web Product Management
  94. Product Strategist – David W. Locke’s blog
  95. Product Strategy – Michael Kapp’s blog
  96. ProductTalk – Turning Big Ideas into Great Products
  97. Proficientz – Blog by PM training company
  98. Purist Product Manager – An interesting PM blog out of the UK
  99. Quantum Whisper Blog – Outside-in Product Management
  100. Ramblings On Product Development – Occasional PM insights from Elaine Chen
  101. Random Jog – Product Management, Marketing, Random Stuff
  102. Reflections on Product Management – Product management, startups and other tech topics
  103. Requirements 101 – Requirements Management & Business Analysis blog
  104. Requirements Defined – A focus on software requirements
  105. Richard Beck – Product Management, Marketing, Presentation
  106. Roadmap Integrity – Business, Technology and Product Strategy. Aligned
  107. Rob Go – Entrepreneur, Startup, Product Management
  108. Rob Grady – Product Management thoughts from Mr. Grady
  109. RocketWatcher – Product Marketing for Startups by April Dunford
  110. Runar Reistrup – Product Managers, Product Managers, Product Managers
  111. RymaTech – Ryma’s Product Management blog
  112. Sandeep De – Building things to Clarke’s third law
  113. Silicon Valley Product Group – Blog of the SVPG
  114. Silly Features – About Silly Features and Product Management
  115. Software Maven – Musings of a veteran software developer
  116. Software Product Management – PM blog in Russian. English translation, courtesy of Google.
  117. Startup Musings – Life in the Boston High-tech startup landscape
  118. Stephanie J. Neill –  A Product Manager with interests in Business, High Tech, Fashion and Travel
  119. Steve Blank – Wise words from an industry veteran
  120. Steve Johnson on Product Management – Telling great stories about Product Management
  121. Street Smart Product Manager – The down-to-earth realities of what it takes to do product management every day
  122. Subjective – Ponderings on Government 2.0, Product Management and Presentation Excellence
  123. Strategic Product Manager – PM blog from Stewart Rogers
  124. Success Managers – Beyond Managing Products
  125. SURE Product Consulting – Sue Raisty-Egami’s blog
  126. Swedish Product Management – Product Management from the North
  127. The Accidental Product Manager – Jim Anderson’s insightful blog
  128. The Agile Product Manager -Stacy Weber’s Agile blog
  129. The Experience is the Product – Usability insights from Cindy Alvarez
  130. The Heretech – Heretical notions of Product Management and the tech industry (Tom Grant)
  131. The Productologist – Ivan Chalif’s explores the depths of Product Management
  132. The ProdMgr’s Blog – Yet Another Product Management Blog
  133. The Product Pipe – for enthusiasts of Product Management by Kevin Griggs
  134. The Sales Gal – A Product Management weblog
  135. The View from Here – Seeking the sensible side of Product Management
  136. Tim Rochte – Musings on Product Management and Product Marketing
  137. Tondin Banks on Product Management – My mind and experiences poured out on the Internet
  138. Towards a Better Product – improving product management skills
  139. Tralfaz – Product Management with BITE
  140. Tyner Blain – Scott Sehlhorst’s ever insightful blog
  141. User>Driven – About good products and their development by Bruce McCarthy
  142. Users Know – Helping small companies better connect with users
  143. Venture Grit – Surviving and Thriving in the startup world
  144. Voximate – Agile Product and Project Management blog
  145. What is Product Marketing? – The definitive resource for technology product marketers
  146. Web Product Blog – Thomas Fuchs Martin in Barcelona – because great web products don´t happen by accident
  147. Write That Down – Adam Bullied’s thoughts on Startup Product Management

Innovation and Design

  1. Blogging Innovation – Blogging innovation and marketing insights for the greater good
  2. Blue Ocean Strategy – News, examples, insight about Blue Ocean Strategy creation
  3. Business Week – BW’s Innovation content
  4. Creativity Central – Bsueinss ideas.  Creativity. Innovation. Brainstorming. All in one place.
  5. Creativity and Innovation – the latest scientific research and successful management strategies
  6. Big Think family of blogs – Technology, Leadership and the future of schools
  7. Daily Crowdsource – Crowdsourcing news aggregration site  (but is it crowdsourced itself?)
  8. Design for Good – Form follows social function
  9. Disruptive Demographics – Global Aging, Technology and Innovation
  10. Endless Innovation – Innovation and Creativity for the Darwinian CEO
  11. Futurelab – Marketing and Strategy Innovation
  12. Gregg Fraley – Creativity and Innovation
  13. Heart of Innovation – Idea Champions innovation blog
  14. Idea Sandbox – Remarkable ideas to grow your business
  15. Innoblog – the insider’s guide to innovation
  16. Innovation Edge – the fearless champions of innovation
  17. Innovation Leadership Network – Tim Kastellle’s blog
  18. NewCommBiz – Ideas for Social Media strategists, business innovators & disruptors
  19. Phil McKinney – Sharing the how of killer innovations
  20. R&D hub – Innovation, customer service and new products in the airline industry
  21. Technology Review Feed – Tech Review top stories
  22. Think for a Change – Imagine the future…make it happen
  23. Startup North – News about Canada’s startup community


  1. Leadership Now – Building a community of leaders


  1. BBH Labs – Marketing skunkworks – new models around technology, entertainment and brands
  2. Cue the Future – Technology and marketing in the world of tomorrow

Competitive Intelligence

  1. Competitive Futures – A CI blog for Eric Garland
  2. CI Podcast – Podcast blog by August J. Jackson
  3. Cooperative Intelligence – A blog by Ellen Naylor
  4. Kent’s Imperative – Professionalization in the art & science of intelligence
  5. Fuld – Fuld’s Competitive Musing
  6. Ning – Ning CI Social Network
  7. Outward Insights – The smartest CI blog on the web. Period.


  1. 16 VenturesPricing, Distribution, Revenue Model, and Freemium Strategies for SaaS and Web App Companies
  2. Dollars and Sense – The Pricing Blog
  3. Price Leadership – A Price Optimization Blog for Pricing Leaders
  4. Pricing Blog – Discussion on Pricing topics
  5. Pricing Wire – Pricing Strategy, Monetization and other good stuff
  6. Professional Pricing Society – PPS’s blog

Agile-related blogs

  1. Agile Blog – Rally Software’s blog on Agile
  2. The Agile Executive – Agile at the enterprise level
  3. Agile Product Owner – Sharing the art of Agile product ownership
  4. The Agilist – Ken Collier on being Agile
  5. All Things Product Owner – Roman Pinchler’s Agile & Product Management blog
  6. Leading Agile – A blog on Agile Leadership and Project Management
  7. Practice Agile – Agile and Scrum Best Practices in Large Global Teams
  8. Scaling Software Agility – Dean Leffingwell’s blog
  9. Succeeding with Agile – Mike Cohn’s Agile blog

Other Interesting Blogs

  1. 90 Percent of Everything – Experience design, user research and usability
  2. Alltop – Marketing – Marketing blog category for Alltop.com
  3. Blogging Innovation – Blogging innovation and marketing insights for the greater good
  4. Big Think – Big ideas in little doses
  5. Business of Software – BoS Conference blog
  6. Business Week: Innovation – BW’s Innovation Section
  7. Cloud Ave -Technology, innovation and the cloud
  8. Cooper Journal of Design – Well known Interaction Design company
  9. Customer Crossroads – about creating branded customer experiences
  10. Digital Tonto – At the Crossroads of Media, Marketing and Technology
  11. Elezea – A blog about User Experience
  12. Fine Art of Marketing – Light reading for heavy professionals
  13. Fresh Thinking – Freshbooks blog on entrepreneurship, teamwork etc.
  14. GeekMBA360 – Career advice at the intersection of business and technology
  15. HeraTech – Applying Agile to the ancient art of technical writing
  16. Ignite Waterloo – Capturing the best of geek culture in Waterloo Regiion
  17. India Invents – Innovation news from India
  18. Information is Beautiful – Ideas, issues. knowledge. data – visualized!
  19. Innovation Playground – An interesting blog by Idris Mootee
  20. John Peltier on Products – Musings on quality products and product quality
  21. LadyLeet – Relevant ramblings on startup, entrepreneurship, and the in-between
  22. Launch Clinic – Defining product launch success
  23. Lead on Purpose – Michael Ray Hopkin’s blog on leadership
  24. Managing Product Development – for people who want to think about how they manage people, projects, and risk
  25. Management Excellence – building better leaders and creating high performance organizations
  26. Marketing Edge – Marketing, Innovation, Career growth by Ninon Laforce
  27. Marketing Know How – John Quelch’s HBR Marketing blog
  28. On Startups – A blog for entrepreneurs
  29. Primary Intel – The intelligent approach to sales success
  30. Product Owner Blog – Journey and random thoughts from an Agile Product Owner
  31. R Cross D – Posts on innovation and user experience research and design
  32. Ramon Chen — technology, product management, marketing and life in general
  33. Revenue Journal – Kristen Zhivago’s blog on revenue generation
  34. Sliced Bread – an experience design blog
  35. So What? – Prabhakar Gopalan’s blog on Corporate culture, strategy, experiments and more
  36. Social Customer Manifesto – Participate. There are no spectators anymore
  37. Startup Life – Technology. Startups. Venture Capital. My Life.
  38. TechnoInsight – Ken Yarmosh: product strategist and internet connoisseur
  39. Technology Review – MITs technology site. A great resource for leading edge info.
  40. Thought Gadgets – Advertising, Marketing and the media
  41. Two Cents – Thoughts on Business and Marketing from 678 Partners
  42. Usability Counts – Usability, user experience, social media marketing
  43. A VC – Musings of a VC in NYC
  44. Venture Blog – A random walk down Sand Hill Road
  45. Venture Hacks – Advice for entrepreneurs
  46. Web Ink Now – David Meerman Scott’s very popular blog on viral marketing and online media
  47. Write Speak Sell – Profiting from more effective communication
  1. Product Pulse – For Innovation & Product Portfolio
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