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Why would you attend a Product Management conference?

Just wondering, what would you like to see in a Product Management/Product Marketing conference that would entice you to attend?

The organizers of the Software Marketing Perspectives conference, where I presented last week, asked the speakers for some input on how to grow the conference. Being a PM, while I have an opinion, it is largely irrelevant, given I attended.

So I’ll put the question out to you…

What would you need to see in a conference to commit to attending it?

Or put another way, why didn’t you attend this year?

Was it the cost, or lack of budget?

Was it the location in Santa Clara California?

Was it the content or the (heaven fordid) speakers?

Were you too busy at this time of year to attend?

Do you have a conference budget available for you to attend these kinds fo things?

Did you attend a different conference, such as AIPMM?

Some other reason?

Let me know, I’d like to hear from you.


  1. Sara

    I attended the P-Camp Unconfererence a few weeks ago at Yahoo with about 200 other product managers and it was great. A full day of networking with other product managers and great presentations. All for free! More events like this are definitely the way to go (I see there is one coming up in Austin, next month).

  2. gopalshenoy

    I did not even know about the SMP conference until I went looking for it. I have presented at the SMP conference last couple of times. They need to market it better.

    Nevertheless, I am at a new job and did not know how I could justify the cost – what am I going to learn that I can bring back and make me better at work? What is in it for the company? Heard that the conference was just OK and that the attendance was low and now that review from attendees is going to stick in my head when I think about which conferences to attend (if I could justify it)

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