Month: October 2014

If Steve can do it…

Well if Steve can blog from his iPhone then I can blog from my new G1. Unfortunately, even the best phone in the world doesn’t give you anything meaningful to [ … ]

Trialware in a virtual world

My Windows world is totally virtual. My company Eigenworks runs mostly Macs, but we have VMWare Fusion Virtual Machines for various purposes. Just the other day, for instance, I needed [ … ]

The Agile Disease…

Having written a fair bit recently about Agile/Scrum, I found the following post provided an interesting perspective. The Agile Disease by Luke Halliwell I don’t agree with everything the Luke [ … ]

On Election Day

As the United States selects its new leader, those of us unable to vote are also holding our breath, waiting for the outcome. What does this have to do with [ … ]