Month: October 2014

SaaS: A revolt against Enterprise Software

SaaS represents a revolt against the sins of enterprise software past. The challenge today selling enterprise software is that buyers are jaded; they have heard it all before, and they no longer believe. They want to see proof that you can deliver what they need, and they are extremely wary of projects with large up-front capital expenses.

Talking to Ourselves

An editorial note: you may see us talking to ourselves. Saeed and I work together and we both talk to Alan fairly often, but since we started blogging based on [ … ]

Software as a Service: Just a delivery model?

I was speaking yesterday with someone in charge of the SaaS initiative at a very large technology company. In the conversation he described Software as a Service (SaaS) as a “delivery model”. Now of course SaaS is a delivery model, but it is not just a delivery model, nor is it primarily a delivery model.

In fact the word delivery starts from the wrong place. Isn’t SaaS mostly about the consumption model?

And another thing. Software demos need serious help

Most product demos are really terrible. SEs – at least a lot of the ones that I’ve seen – love to focus on the product features, but forget that they have an audience with specific goals and problems, and the audience doesn’t really care about the software; they care about achieving their own goals or solving a problem.

Why I hate PowerPoint

I hate PowerPoint. I hate what it has done to modern meetings, and I hate the fact that it is expected that one will produce slides for each meeting. Am I being a little strong here? Maybe the verb should be lament. Yes, I lament the dominance of PowerPoint in today’s meetings.


We’re product managers. Making the roadmap is one of our key jobs. But who gets to see the roadmap? I was prompted when I found this roadmap shared on a [ … ]