Month: October 2014

Friday Fun: Khaaan.com

OK, the spelling is off, but a website whose sole purpose is to repeat my last name over and over again is impossible not to share. http://www.khaaan.com Saeed (Wrath of) [ … ]

Our Blog via Email

For those of you email addicts, who prefer a message in your InBox vs. an RSS feed, we’ve recently added email subscriptions to our blog. Click here, or use the [ … ]

Embracing New Media

I’ve written about the CBC radio show “The Age of Persuasion” before. A recent episode entitled Embracing New Media is worth listening to. By looking at how people reacted to [ … ]

Tom Grant Kicks Some SaaS

Forrester’s Tom Grant has written 2 excellent pieces rebutting some rather uninformed blog posts and comments made by Rick Chapman over at SaaSUniversity.com. Many people, myself included, left comments directly [ … ]