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Vote for us in the Canadian Blog Awards!

We’re happy to report that we’ve been nominated again for the Canadian blog Awards.

But we’re also tired of never winning! 🙁 So help us win an award (or 2). If we win, we’ll do something really nice for you, we promise.

This year, we’re nominated in two categories:

  • Best Professional Life Blog
  • Best Group Blog

There will be 2 rounds of voting:

Round 1: Dec. 1 – 12 (determines finalists)
Round 2: Dec. 13 – 19 (picks the winners)


The first step is to make it to round 2! The voting mechanism is pretty straight forward.

1. Go to the voting page in each category. Use the following links.

2. Select us as your first choice 🙂

3. Vote for anyone else you want (hopefully ranking them lower than us!)

4. Click VOTE at the bottom of the form.

5. Tell all your friends to do the same via your  blog, Twitter, email etc.