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    Hi Beth. I think you’re right … they have gift potential.

    Another thought … As I was typing in my gift code for redemption, I realized also that the use case is very tedious. I had to type in a long combination of digits and letters, and I generally dislike doing that. There is a barcode, and most newer computers have a camera … I wonder if Apple might consider using the cam as an option to scan in the barcode.

    Thanks for your comment Beth.


  2. Beth

    The one thing that the virtual CD cards could be great for is gifts. With standard iTunes gift cards, you can buy downloads for someone but they choose the music. The virtual CD cards let you buy someone a specific CD, maybe one that you know they wanted or that you think they’d really like, but with the convenience of delivering it to iTunes. I bet they’ll sell a bunch during the holiday season, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them discontinued early next year.

  3. richardbeck

    The cards are maybe positioned as an impulse buy – so it’s good for iTunes as it’s bringing in revenue it may not have had. It’s also highlighting the fact that certain acts have a new album out that you may not know about.

    On the Starbucks side, apart from revenue share, they are able to align themselves with music and a certain type of music that you may want to listen to in a third place. Doesn’t this make Starbucks more exciting? What a cool third place. This can build buzz before IMS arrives, and once it does you can by the voucher at the counter and plug the number directly into iTouch/iPhone – from a PM point of view you’re making the transaction easier to perform. Then sit back, drink your coffee and listen to your third place music…

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