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Forrester on Product Management

I’m quite happy to report that Forrester Research has started a blog covering Product Management:

Here’s link to the bio of the analyst writing the blog:

IMHO, this is a very positive development. Research firms like Forrester, Gartner etc. are typically descriptive vs. prescriptive. i.e. when they start covering a space or a market, it is because it exists and is growing and deserves focus, vs. spending time covering something that has not yet reached a minimum critical mass and may grow in the future.

As an example, I worked for a number of years at Informatica in California. We were a recognized leader in the “ETL” (Extract-Transform-Load) market. But we really saw the market as having moved to what many called “Data Integration“. It wasn’t until several years later that the analyst firms created specific research practices related to Data Integration.

So with Forrester looking at Product Management, this probably means that firms selling products such as Requirements Management tools will be getting more analyst coverage, and perhaps Forrester will host events or conferences related to technology product management. It will be interesting to watch.

So,welcome Forrester, and let’s hope the other research firms see the light.


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