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  1. order generic Quetiapine

    Hi, Alan, thanks for a great and well-written post.

    I’d like to share a tool that formalizes the elements that you have intuitively identified.

    It’s called SSNiF scenarios, because a complete user story always has these elements: a Stakeholder (usually the customer) in a Situation, with a resulting Need, that is resolved by a Feature.

    To apply this to one of your examples: Stakeholder: someone living in a cold climate
    Situation: It gets icy, sometimes with very slippery wet ice
    Need: to spread salt
    Feature: (TBD; need an invention that spreads salt even on highly slippery surfaces. Spiked wheels for traction?Independent motorized spreader? Sled with separate lever to spread salt?)

    In the end the salt spreader might have two or three big SSNFs expressing its big-picture purpose, and perhaps twenty or thirty little SSNiFs to isolate each use case. SSNiFs scale well, so a sophisticated product would have scores of SSNiFs if needed.

    SSNiF scenarios can be tabulated, prioritized, and snapped together like Lego blocks to compose detailed requirements (with little SSNiFs) or even product visions (with big SSNFs).

    What’s also nice is they are explicit about the problem, they state WHY the problem exists and for which sub-group of customers. They also cleanly separate the problem from the solution, so that if a better F comes along to resolve the SSN, then it’s a better solution.

    SSNiFs make a great output of ethnographic research, because they are actionable.

    For the rundown on SSNiFs, including free templates, please see: Quetiapine cash on delivery

    Thanks for listening and if you find this technique interesting, please pass on the word!

    Best regards,
    Philip Haine

  2. Raghu

    For the socks example,

    Just tie the two socks of a pair together before putting them into the box having all other socks. Thats it.

    Normally people don’t wash all the socks in one go. Also they will not be in a great hurry when then they takeout dried socks from washing machine. So at this time they just have to tie two socks of a pair together (one knot is enough) and then place it along with other socks. So when they want the socks they see pairs of socks always together.

  3. saeed

    Boy, we should use mundane objects like socks more often in our posts. It really fosters discussion.

    Nothing personal to those who’ve suggested it, but the recommendation to buy new socks all the same colour or of limited colours to eliminate the “lost sock” problem is akin to the situation where Technical Support suggests a customer reinstall their software when some strange problem occurs. It’s not an appropriate solution.

    Now were I a sock vendor, I’d absolutely love these kinds of suggestions. Making my product into a true consumable item will do wonders for my volume.

    But as a sock wearer AND a Product Manager (as many of us are), I have, while sorting out socks, wondered how to efficiently address this problem. My solution — and I fear only a software PM would spend any time thinking about this — is for enlightened sock manufacturers to put a variety of marks on soles of matching socks. e.g. something simple such as a diamond or circle with a letter in it or something else. That way, it becomes a very simple exercise to match paired socks — at least from that manufacturer.

    The value to me as a consumer is clear. And by solving the consumer’s problem — although not necessarily in a competitively sustainable way — it does help differentiate my offering and gain some customer loyalty.

    And to be perfectly honest, I think it’s much better than generic Quetiapine prices

  4. Damian

    A bit off topic here, but I have a suggestion for your sock problem. When a pair of socks wear out, throw ALL your socks out. Every single one. Then buy a whole new set – ALL EXACTLY the same.

    So, the primary goal of the user becomes “must be able to buy in bulk”. Having unique socks is a vanity – your time is more valuable than trying to match socks!

  5. buy cheap Quetiapine under without rx

    Val Workman: There was a comment from Derick Workman above too. I’m left assuming that there are two of you. If you’re both reading this blog, I’d hate to hear your arguments at home. If there is only one of you, well, I’ll assume there are two of you.

    Great question about strategy being embedded in the requirements. I think this is a topic for a future article, but in the mean time, here is my response:
    – I may not have emphasized this enough in the article, however, the problem statement / use case (Spreader must allow user to distribute salt at a 10 feet radius while the user pushes the spreader across a sheer ice surface) is sufficient to cover the requirements that you listed, and even goes further. Problem statements and use cases create a situation where engineers can innovate, not to satisfy *requirements*, which are an artificial construct, but rather to satisfy a user’s goals, which are real. So my first response to your question above is that I strongly favor problem statements over requirements, except in some cases of non-functional requirements such as the GSA’s accessibility requirements, which must be followed to the letter if you want to get Fed contracts. Even with that last caveat, Accessibility can be better satisfied if you also provide specific use cases for specific user types that go beyond the GSA requirements.

    – Yes, strategy is embedded in the requirements, problem statements, and use cases. Absolutely. In fact it is one of the primary embodiments of those. Another embodiment might be your approach to support calls, which may have elements of the product (Help menu links to the support website, as a simple example), but go beyond the product and into call volumes, support rep training, and so on. All areas of the business should take their lead from the strategy. Product requirements (in whatever form) embody a subset of the company strategy.
    – If your product requirements are not aligned with your strategy, then the requirements become the de facto strategy. This happens all too often. Michael Porter calls strategy a series of decisions and activities; we can determine the company strategy by watching what the company is doing. You may have a product strategy document that waxes vaguely about “usability”, but if your company doesn’t fund product design, then your actual strategy is probably not about usability.

    Hope that helps.

  6. buy cheap Quetiapine under without rx

    Jim, that would be a solution, wouldn’t it. I could even go further and buy black, tan, and white, therefore allowing a little color variation but also solving one of my core use cases. I might just do that.

    Your question raises another interesting issue: when, as a PM (rather than a buyer, which your suggestion implies), can you assume a greenfield with no “legacy” products in the mix. In the case of socks, the trouble is that most people have an “install base” that they cannot or will not jetison. And of course I have 5 people in my house, including three kids, and I will not receive dinner in my house for a very long time if I chuck all their socks in favor of your monochromatic solution.

    On second thought, Jim,(with respect) your suggestion sounds like so many of the painful engineering discussions I’ve endured. My engineers often want to assume a clean slate, but rarely will our sales people find that.

    I heard the humor in your suggestion, btw. Just saying that while that approach may work for a certain persona (eg single male living alone with no interest in whether the socks make the man, and also enough disposable income to pitch all sock, and the mindset to do that), my sense (strictly opinion) is that the persona described is a small fraction of the market. It’s also unclear whether any sock vendor could win his business through differentiation, since he is simply looking for black socks.


  7. discount Quetiapine

    Alan: have you ever considered throwing all of your socks away and then going out and purchasing a large quantity of identical black socks. Yes, you’ll still have socks go missing, but you won’t care anymore because every time you lose two sock, you can match the two remaining socks up and you’ll be back in business.

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    buy Quetiapine online now
    “Home Of The Billion Dollar Product Manager”

  8. buy Quetiapine pay cod

    How much of the product strategy to you feel defines the primary product requirements? Getting to the initial requirements of
    1) Spreader must carry two full bags of salt.
    2) Spreader must throw salt to a radius of 10 feet when pushed.
    3) Spreader must allow user to select salt concentration. (There is an adjustment to control the size of the opening in the basin through which the salt falls.)

    Makes some assumptions about the product strategy, the use case, the problem statement, the business opportunity, technical approach …

    How much of the product strategy is formally incorporated into the requirements?

  9. buy cheap Quetiapine under without rx

    In that case I’m all in favor of what you’re advocating. I’ve seen very few PMs with full design skills, but a lot of PMs who treat design as a hobby, and I see it as a professional discipline, as I gather you do.

    Even a PM-design-hobbyist should do better designs than developers, assuming the PM has internalized the market problems.

    thanks for your comments.

  10. Quetiapine espana

    Yes, design is part of my personal core competency. In the past I’ve worked in systems engineering and product design. I’ve seen in many organizations a role created called product architect or solution architect that plays this design role reporting to PM. Basically they take a market problem and possibly a user scenario, and then they come up with possible solutions. Similar to a HOQ(House of Quality) approach. This set of potential solutions is then reported back to the PM, who then makes the ultimate decision. Sometimes they use some market validation techniques to ensure that the solution will actually solve the problem and deliver the expected value. These solutions then go into a detailed design phase performed by an engineering or development group.

  11. Quetiapine buy Quetiapine

    This is an incredibly important aspect of product management, that I often find missing. A large majority of product managers, especially in the software industry, are managing lots of features and requests, without thinking about what problem the feature is trying to solve. They try to prioritize them based on customers and potential revenue, and then plan product releases accordingly. Not only does this lead to products like the salt spreader, but it also makes the product managers life miserable. When managing market problems we can group multiple requests from customers and other market inputs into the problem the end user would like addressed. As a product manager I know my product and companies capabilities better than any one of my customers, and can more than likely come up with the best solution to their problem based on my core-competencies. This is a topic that could use much more discussion.

  12. buy herbal Quetiapine

    Excellent examples, Alan! How many of us have purchased a “salt spreader” product in the past? And, what happens after we realize it doesn’t achieve the intended goal? As a consumer, I feel ripped off…and make a committment to no longer purchase from the company who sold me a useless product. Discovering and capturing primary use scenarios enables products to be sold, used, and recommended. Missing the mark causes short- and long-term declines in customer numbers and revenue. Observe users to find core problems, and solve them. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

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