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OnPM speaking @ pcamp NYC

Hi folks, Alan here. I can’t actually promise that I will be speaking at Product Camp NYC. Why? Because this is an unconference, and the participants will choose the topics and vote with their feet. I love the concept. How many conferences have you attended and wondered why you paid to hear these people speak? In this case, the conference content is determined by those who show up, not conference organizers trying to gauge interest months in advance.

I’ve pasted my abstract below. If you are not attending this event but would like to discuss this topic, please let me know and I will host a webinar in the future.

If you want to check in on what’s happening, there are a few ways to do so:

If you are attending, come find me and say hello.

– Alan

Presentation Abstract

You can’t fix what you don’t understand: A Practical Guide to Win/Loss Interviews

Buyers (wins and losses) hold keys that can help you diagnose and improve many of the most vexing problems in your business. Yet 90% of your peers – and your competitors – ignore this powerful source of market information.

In this session I will present some practical tools that you can use as soon as you return to work. Attendees will determine the specific topics, but I will be ready to discuss practical topics such as:

  • Where to start? How to focus your analysis by picking a high-impact problem to solve. Bigger Deals? Discounting? Competitive Intelligence?
  • Why sales should be banned from win/loss reporting
  • The final answer vs. Replaying the interaction
  • Discounting and Pricing Analysis
  • Selling to the whole buying circle
  • Who cares about Win Analysis?
  • What to do if you are not allowed to call accounts.
  • How to get lost accounts on the phone.
  • How to gain management support.
  • Competitive Intelligence using lost deals

Bring your questions!