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  1. Saeed


    I agree with your viewpoint. I actually had the same thought on Monday as I was waiting to checkin at Pearson airport in Toronto. I clicked this shot..

    order generic Quetiapine

    of a very large Playbook ad in the checkin hall. As much as I want RIM to succeed, I really have to question this kind of add. It’s far too complex, untargeted and unmemorable. Web-Rocking? Speed-Freaking? WTF?

    The SAP and Oracle ads mentioned by Ryan, I think are the exception to this rule. They both deliver a clear, simple and memorable messages and were reinforced across media.

  2. buy in Quetiapine uk

    While I do agree with your point on the challenges of measuring the ROI of brand campaigns, I will say that airports are probably as good as you will find in terms of finding an appropriate place to advertise enterprise class products.

    The vast majority of the people travelling through airports Monday to Friday are business people. As such advertising enterprise business-class products at an airport actually does make sense, much like how advertising for make-up or Abercrombie would make sense during an episode of Gossip Girl.

  3. Ryan

    I agree that it’s great to be able to measure the impact of marketing, and that online campaigns have more to offer in that regard, but I have to admit……”the best run businesses run SAP”. “19 of the top 20 banks run Oracle” and Accenture has a good graphics designer. All that I gathered (accurate or not) from airport banners. Traditional marketing and media are not complete crap. They work….or at least they work on me. 🙂

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