Flat Stanley Doesn’t Live Here

By Jennifer Doctor

I’ve been a bit quiet in my writing this year (so far.) True, I’m busy; but, more importantly is the other reason – I’ve been listening.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – listening to the market is the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else. The better you listen, the more you understand. The more you understand, the better you meet the market’s needs. The better you meet the market’s needs, the more you sell. The more you sell, the more money.

Listening means money.

The other key is to know who your buyer is, and what they want. You have to develop a persona. I’ve written about this before. Persona development is the outcome, the deliverable, from the time spent listening to the market. The knowledge about your persona drives your messaging, your positioning, your materials, your campaigns…I think you see the pattern.

Yet, I am consistently surprised by how many people do not invest the time in persona development.

Why? There is a perception that most people know their market, their buyers. They can throw a few statements on a slide and share it around the office. There – that is our persona.

Wrong. It’s time to do it right.

Flat Stanley Doesn’t Live Here” is the title of the new ebook being released to help you understand how to really write a persona. It’s a practical guide, not an academic theory. And, it’s easy to read.

Now you have no excuse. Download the ebook, read it and invest the time to develop your persona correctly. Not only will the persona help in your marketing and sales efforts, it will help you become a better listener.


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