Diagnosing Org Health – Take the ONPM poll

Sometimes pictures can say more than words.  Here’s a simple flow chart to help diagnose organizational health and a quick poll.

The top part of this chart is  where culture and leadership matters most.  The bottom is where capability matters most.  The two need to work in sync for a healthy firm.  If your firm’s problems are at the top – it’s a leadership problem.. If it’s at the bottom, it’s a capability problem.  Employees at most large firms spend way too much time arguing about the bottom – Strategy, Plan and Action when the problem might be elsewhere. (fish rots from the head)

Take a look at the chart below and please take our poll below the chart.  What’s your firm’s problem area?

Please vote:

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About the author

Prabhakar Gopalan is an entrepreneur and growth strategist.  In 15+ years, he has worked in a diverse set  of roles including consulting, systems engineering, IT architecture, product management, product marketing and corporate  strategy.  He speaks on management, innovation and strategy. Follow Prabhakar on Twitter.