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Walking the Talk – Prabhakar Gopalan and kanban2go

As some of you may know, Prabhakar Gopalan is a contributor on this blog. And while he’s not been as frequent in his contributions this year as he was last year, that doesn’t mean he’s been slacking off.

In fact, he’s been busier than ever of late. Aside from a day job working in Corporate Strategy for a large technology company, and of course his family commitments, Prabhakar has been putting his words into action by working on a startup in his spare(!) time.

I’ve been privy to the process from early on, and I can definitely say that virtually everything Prabhakar has written this blog, he has put into practice.

Prabhakar’s startup kanban2go was one of 10 companies selected for the Startup Showcase at the O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco this week.

Congratulations to Prabhakar and team for being one of the 3 winners in the Showcase.

Fluent Conference startup showcase winners - includes Kanban2Go


If you want to know more about kanban2go, here’s a VERY short video of Prabhakar himself introducing it as the Fluent Conference this week.

And if you want some behind the scenes insight into how he built the product, check out this presentation by Prabhakar.

[slideshare id=12517810&doc=kanban2gorisepresentation03262012-120412134310-phpapp01]

I’d love for Prabhakar to write more on his experience and share with the audience, but knowing how much of a premium spare time is for him, he might need a little convincing. So if any of you want to hear more from him, leave a comment or tweet him (@pgopalan). And if you tweet, make sure you include us (@onpm) so we know as well.

Congratulations again Prabhakar.


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