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  1. buy cheap Quetiapine under without rx

    You forgot one more bullet point that I have experienced a couple of times. The sales channel has a long memory.
    If you screw up, release something that is crap, and embarrass them in front of the customer, you will not get in front of the customer a second time. Next product/project may be managed well, perfect in every way, and the product of three kinds of agile methodology. The sales team will not roll it out to a big client until it has proven itself.
    That is a delay that is hard to factor into your revenue calculation.

    1. Saeed


      Thanks for the comment and excellent point. In fact, as with all customers, credibility is really important and the example you give is very real one. The path of least resistance (to quota) involves risk mitigation and unlike the stock market, when it comes to customers and sales channels — past performance DOES predict future returns.

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