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Open Question: Product Management Challenges at a Startup

by Saeed Khan

I’m going to try something a bit different this time. Here’s your chance to help a startup founder with some common startup challenges.

Max Cameron is a cofounder of Big Bang Technology, the makers of Woople, a hosted eLearning platform for enterprises.

Max’s company has grown from 2 founders to 10 people and while they’ve hired a full-time Product Manager there are several hurdles they still need to overcome.

Max has 3 current challenges that he’s facing and I’d like to enlist all of you to collectively help Max address them, buy watching the video of Max talking about his company, and then leaving comments at the bottom of the blog post.

If you are shy 🙂 but still want to give some advice, you can use the Contact Us form. I’ll keep your identity secret but share your advice with Max.

While the challenges are listed below, I strongly urge you to watch the YouTube video of Max — it’s only 6 minutes in length — to get all the details before answering. You can click the image below to launch the video. Unfortunately it cannot be embedded directly in this page.

click image to launch video

The 3 challenges Max needs advice on are:

  1. Metrics in the software. What metrics should be instrumented into the product to see if implemented features are effective in solving customer/user problems.
  2. Optimizing the onboarding process for new clients. What are the right collateral pieces for the sales people? What is/are the right pricing models? How to best get in front of the business people — i.e. the buyers? How to work with technical/IT teams to perform integrations?
  3. How to take the collateral that is built and have Marketing work with Product Management to create compelling stories to identify and target new customer segments.

So there it is. What advice do you have for Max and his company?


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